Shipping Policy

General Shipping Information

Shipping Options and Times

  1. Range of Options: Diving.Shopping partners with various sellers who offer multiple shipping options. These include standard, expedited, and, for some items, overnight shipping. Each seller on our platform may have different shipping methods available.

  2. Estimated Delivery Times: The estimated delivery times for each shipping option will be provided at checkout. Please note that these times are estimates and can vary based on factors like seller location, destination, and the handling time required by the seller.

  3. Shipping Delays: Occasionally, shipping delays may occur due to factors such as weather conditions, customs clearance, or carrier issues. We appreciate your patience in these instances and encourage you to contact the seller for any urgent concerns.

Shipping Costs

  1. Cost Calculation: Shipping costs are calculated based on the item’s weight, dimensions, and the delivery destination. We strive to ensure transparency in shipping costs, with all fees clearly displayed during the checkout process.

  2. Free Shipping Offers: Some sellers may offer free shipping on specific items or orders that exceed a certain amount. Look for these offers on product pages and during checkout.

Order Tracking

  1. Tracking Information: Upon shipment, you will receive an email with a tracking number. This allows you to monitor the progress of your order from dispatch to delivery.

  2. Tracking Portal: You can track the status of your shipment directly through your Diving.Shopping account, providing real-time updates on your order’s location.

International Shipping

  1. Global Reach: Diving.Shopping serves customers worldwide. International shipping availability and times may vary depending on the seller and the destination country.

  2. Customs and Import Duties: When ordering from Diving.Shopping, you’re responsible for assuring the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country. The recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination. Orders shipped outside of the seller’s country may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and fees levied by the destination country.


Preparing Your Return

  1. Condition of Item: Ensure that the item is in the same condition as when you received it. This includes all original packaging, tags, and any accompanying accessories or documentation.

  2. Packaging: Proper packaging is crucial to prevent damage during transit. Use sturdy, appropriate-sized packaging materials and ensure the item is securely packed. If the original packaging isn’t available, choose packaging that provides equivalent protection.

Labeling and Shipping

  1. Return Label: If the seller provides a return shipping label, attach it to the package according to their instructions. If you’re responsible for the return shipping, ensure the package is labeled correctly with the seller’s return address.

  2. Choosing a Courier: Select a reliable courier service for your return. Consider factors like shipping time, cost, and the availability of tracking services.

  3. Shipping Insurance: For high-value items, consider purchasing shipping insurance. This protects against potential loss or damage during transit.

  4. Documentation: Include all necessary return forms or documentation inside the package. This may include a return merchandise authorization (RMA) form, if provided by the seller.

Shipping the Item

  1. Dispatching the Return: Ship the item promptly after receiving return approval from the seller. Delayed returns might affect the processing of your refund or exchange.

  2. Tracking and Receipts: Keep a copy of the shipping receipt and the tracking number. Tracking your return shipment allows you to verify when the seller receives it and helps safeguard against disputes.

Communicating with the Seller

  1. Notification: Inform the seller once you have shipped the item. Provide them with the shipping details, including the tracking number and the courier service used. This information is crucial for the seller to track the return and expedite the refund process.

  2. Follow-Up: If you have any concerns or questions about the return shipment, keep in communication with the seller. Prompt and clear communication can help resolve any issues efficiently.

Seller’s Receipt and Inspection

  1. Confirmation of Receipt: The seller will notify you upon receiving the returned item. They will then inspect it to verify its condition and completeness.

  2. Outcome Communication: After inspection, the seller will communicate the outcome to you, confirming whether the return meets their policy for a refund or exchange.

Seller’s Receipt and Inspection

  1. Item Receipt: Sellers will confirm receipt and inspect the returned item for condition and completeness.

  2. Communication: Sellers will communicate the outcome of the inspection, detailing any discrepancies or issues.


Handling Disputes

  1. Initial Step: If a dispute arises related to a shipped item, whether it’s regarding the condition of an item upon arrival, a return, or a refund, the first step is to contact the seller directly. Most disputes are efficiently resolved through direct communication between the buyer and seller.

  2. Providing Details: When raising a dispute, provide clear and detailed information. This includes order numbers, descriptions of the issue, and any relevant photographic evidence. Accurate and comprehensive details help in assessing the situation effectively.

Involvement of Diving.Shopping

  1. Escalation: If the dispute cannot be resolved directly with the seller, it may be escalated to Diving.Shopping’s customer service team. We act as a mediator to ensure fair and just resolutions.

  2. Mediation Process: Our team will review the communications between the buyer and seller, evaluate the evidence provided, and may request additional information from both parties. Our goal is to reach a resolution that is fair and in accordance with our marketplace policies.

  3. Final Decision: Diving.Shopping will make a decision based on the information and evidence provided. This decision is intended to fairly resolve the dispute and will be binding on both the buyer and seller.

Responsibilities and Compliance

  1. Buyer and Seller Responsibilities: Both parties are expected to cooperate fully during the dispute resolution process. This includes providing all requested information in a timely manner and adhering to the final decision.

  2. Policy Compliance: All users of Diving.Shopping are required to comply with our policies, including those regarding shipping, returns, and dispute resolution. Failure to comply may result in account suspension or other actions.

Avoiding Disputes

  1. Clear Communication: Maintaining clear and honest communication between buyers and sellers can prevent many disputes. We encourage users to thoroughly read product descriptions, shipping and return policies, and communicate any questions or concerns before making a purchase.

  2. Understanding Policies: Familiarize yourself with the policies of the individual seller and Diving.Shopping as a whole. Understanding these policies helps set the right expectations and reduces the likelihood of disputes.

Damages and Losses During Shipping

  1. Damaged Returns: The buyer is responsible if a returned item is lost or damaged during transit. Using a reliable shipping service and purchasing insurance is recommended.

  2. Dispute Resolution: For disputes regarding shipping damage or loss, Diving.Shopping’s customer service team will mediate between the buyer and seller.


International Returns

Understanding International Returns

  1. Eligibility and Process: International returns follow the same basic process as domestic returns. However, buyers should be aware of additional factors like longer shipping times, customs processes, and potential additional costs.

  2. Seller’s Return Policy: Before initiating an international return, review the seller’s return policy. Some sellers may have specific instructions or limitations for international returns.

Responsibilities and Costs

  1. Buyer’s Responsibilities: When returning an item internationally, the buyer is responsible for ensuring the item is properly packaged and labeled for return shipping. It’s crucial to declare the item correctly as a return to avoid unnecessary customs duties.

  2. Shipping Costs: International return shipping costs, including any customs fees and handling charges, are typically the responsibility of the buyer, unless the return is due to an error by the seller.

  3. Customs and Duties: Buyers are responsible for any customs fees or duties incurred on international returns. These charges are not covered by Diving.Shopping or the seller.

Compliance with Regulations

  1. Customs Regulations: Ensure compliance with international shipping regulations. Mislabeling or failure to properly declare returned items can lead to delays, additional charges, or seizure of the item by customs.

  2. Documentation: Include all necessary customs documentation for the return shipment. This usually involves indicating that the package contains a return item to prevent additional customs charges.

Processing International Returns

  1. Refund Processing: Refunds on international returns will be processed in the same manner as domestic returns, following the seller’s return policy. However, processing times may be longer due to the additional logistics involved.

  2. Currency Exchange: Refunds will be processed in the same currency as the original purchase. Please note that Diving.Shopping is not responsible for any currency exchange fees or differences due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Assistance with International Returns

For assistance with an international return, including questions about customs processes or shipping methods, please contact the seller directly through your Diving.Shopping account. For additional support, our customer service team.


Contact for Shipping Queries

For queries regarding return shipping, contact the seller directly. For additional assistance, our customer service team.

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