Seller Verification Policy



This Seller Verification Policy is designed to establish trust and safety within the Diving.Shopping community. It outlines the mandatory and optional verification processes for all sellers on the platform.


Mandatory Verifications

  1. ID Verification: Sellers are required to provide a government-issued photo ID to verify their identity. This step is crucial to prevent fraudulent activities and ensure accountability.

  2. Email Verification: A valid email address must be verified to ensure sellers can receive important communications and notifications from the platform.

  3. Phone Verification: Sellers must verify their phone number. This adds an additional layer of security and provides a direct line of communication.

  4. Company Verification: Business sellers must provide valid business registration documents. This is essential to validate the legitimacy of the business.


Optional Verifications

  1. Address Verification: While not mandatory, verifying the physical address can enhance credibility and trust among buyers.

  2. Social Profiles Verification: Linking and verifying social media profiles (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn) can further establish the seller’s authenticity and reputation.


Verification Process

The verification process will be facilitated through our platform. Sellers will be guided through a step-by-step process, with clear instructions on submitting necessary documents and information.


Account Activation

Only after completing the mandatory verifications (ID, Email, Phone, and Company Verification) will a seller’s account be activated, allowing them to list products and conduct sales on the platform.


Ongoing Verification

Diving.Shopping reserves the right to request additional verification or re-verification of information to ensure ongoing compliance with our policies.



Failure to comply with these verification requirements may result in delayed account activation, restrictions on account privileges, or account suspension.


Privacy and Data Security

All personal and business information provided during the verification process will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, ensuring confidentiality and security.


Changes to the Policy

This policy may be updated periodically, and sellers are encouraged to review it regularly to stay informed about our verification requirements.

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